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Become the Change to Bring a Better Future & Propserity for the People of Fort McMurray.

Right leader at right time for the right reasons

As a candidate for public office, I, Zulkifl Mujahid, am committed to creating a road less travelled towards a more harmonious society that respects and celebrates our diversity while recognizing our shared humanity under one Creator.
I believe that our community can only thrive when we work together in a spirit of respect, compassion, and mutual understanding. As your elected representative, I will work tirelessly to promote dialogue, build bridges of understanding, and encourage a sense of unity and belonging among all members of our community.
I am committed to creating policies that prioritize the well-being of all citizens, regardless of their background or beliefs. This includes access to quality healthcare, education, and employment opportunities, as well as measures to promote affordable housing, promote environmental healing, and of upmost importance social justice and freedom for all.
Above all, I recognize the importance of living in harmony together under one Creator. Regardless of our different beliefs and practices, we are all part of a larger community, and we must work together to create a more compassionate and just society for all. Future generations are depending on us the time is now.
As your elected representative, I will be guided by the values of integrity, honesty, and a deep commitment to the common good. I will listen to the concerns of my constituents, work collaboratively with community leaders, and use my position to create positive change and build a brighter future for all of us.
The time for real change by real people

My Mission to Address These Issues For My People

Better Education System

We the McMurrayites are in a dire need of new education programs for higher education. I am calling for an increase in the course offering at Keyano College. This will not only help local residents to avoid heavy costs from studying away from home, but can also attract more students from the surrounding areas, ultimately helping our local economy.

Better Public Health Services

The provision of better and timely healthcare services to the people of Fort McMurray is of utmost importance. My goal is to implement a centralized and connected check-in system that reduces the waiting time to 30 minutes at most, thus ensuring timely attendance in Emergency. I am also eyeying on providing free parking at the hospitals.

Better Infrastructure

I have been raising the people's voice for a better and safe infrastructure. The completion of highway 63 twinning all the way to Edmonton is among my top priorities. Every life matters and we must provide our community with the safety and comfort they need.

Help Small Businesses Grow

I am passionate about helping small businesses flourish. I recognize that small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and I am therefore committed to providing the support and resources they need to succeed. I truly believe that by empowering small businesses, we can create a more vibrant and dynamic community for everyone.

Support Oil & Gas Industry

I am a staunch supporter of our oil and gas sector. I fully understand that this industry is a vital part of our economy and provides thousands of jobs for hardworking people across our community. I believe that we need to put an end to being handcuffed by the United Nations SDG’s and the liberals just transition program.

Empowering Indigenous People

I believe in empowering Indigenous people to take an active role in decision-making processes that affect their lives and their communities. Therefore, I am committed to working alongside First Nations leaders, elders, and community members to build stronger, more resilient communities and to ensure that the voices of Indigenous people are heard and respected.

Mental Health Initiative

I recognize the stresses our residents have been under the last few years especially since the wildfire of 2016. I am a strong advocate for mental health initiatives providing support and resources for those struggling with mental health issues. I have made myself dedicated to working with organizations to ensure that everyone has access to the care they need.

Cutting Taxes

I understand that taxes can place a heavy burden on individuals and businesses, especially after Covid-19, our community has been suffering immensely. I am committed to cutting taxes wherever possible as I believe that by reducing the tax burden, we can create a more prosperous community where people and businesses can thrive.

Economy & Job Creation

I am dedicated to promoting job creation and economic development in our region by thinking outside the box. As the nation faces rising interest rates and devaluing of the dollar our community is getting hit harder than most. We need to find new ways to stimulate our local economy like investing in our own food production. I will work to create opportunities for all residents of Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo.

If you want a better future, Vote for Zulkifl Mujahid

Zulkifl Mujahid will put Fort McMurray First.

Experienced & Professional

Started my political career as a UCP worker in 2016 and actively participated in various nomination and leadership elections till 2022. Resisting the big voice establishment to achieve betterment and growth has always been my top priority.

Strong vision

Creating conditions to grow industries, businesses, and job opportunities. Enhancing trade infrastructure and agreements. Continued leadership in hydrogen and petrochemicals and development in helium, lithium, liquefied natural gas, geothermal energy, and minerals.

Honesty & Transparency

I am here for the people of Fort McMurray. I shall bring better health, education, and infrastructure. Let’s stand together, Strong and unstoppable.​

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