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Press Release May 08, 2023

Restraining Order Against Zulkifl Mujahid Vacated in its Entirety

Following the sudden and controversial disqualification of former UCP candidate, Zulkifl Mujahid, a restraining order filed against him was vacated in court today.

“It feels good, really good, to have my name cleared.” says Mujahid. “But it’s certainly not a surprise.”

Mujahid was nominated the Party’s candidate on December 4th, 2022, in one of only two instances of an incumbent MLA being defeated in the nomination by a new challenger. He was disqualified just before the writ period due to pending legal action against him by locals who supported other candidates in the nomination race.

For Mujahid, it is all about honoring the democratic process. “I was encouraged to seek the nomination by many friends and supporters, to finally give Fort McMurray a chance to have a democratic say in who the Conservative candidate would be in this constituency.” states Mujahid.

“We worked really hard and that culminated in my victory in the nomination. Clearly, for whatever reasons, the residents of Fort McMurray – Wood Buffalo felt that it was time for a new face and that is the democratic way.”

Despite only coming to Canada and Fort McMurray in 2015, Mujahid has long standing ties to the community. He has family roots in Fort McMurray going back nearly 50 years, and he is the third generation in his family across two continents to be involved in public service.

“Of course I was disappointed in my disqualification, although I struggled to understand it, I did come to terms with the fact that the Party was looking to protect it’s reputation. Now that my name is cleared, I am sure democracy will prevail.” responds Mujahid.

May 11, 2023 Candidate nominations close at 2 P.M., according to Elections Alberta. Zulkifl’s legal troubles had sparked controversy among many in the community who felt the charges were politically motivated. However, with the charges now vacated, he hopes that the focus can shift to the issues that he has been advocating for.

Zulkifl’s case has been closely watched by many in Alberta and beyond, and his supporters are relieved that justice has been served. With the allegations now behind him, Zulkifl is ready to continue his work and make positive impact in his community. “I believe that the people of this district deserve a representative who will work hard for their interests and put their needs first” said Mujahid. “I am committed to being that
person and I look forward to serving the people of this community.”

Two polls following Mujahid’s disqualification demonstrated overwhelming local support for his candidacy.

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